CHANNEL: DevilsFilm

TITLE: DevilsFilm / AdultTime – Sarah Taylor, Sophia Burns – Wanna Fuck My Student Gotta Fuck Me First!

DESCRIPTION: Sophia Burns and Tyler Cruise are packing up after their last class for the day. As they zip up their knapsacks, Tyler works up the courage to ask Sophia out. His parents' cottage is up for grabs this weekend if she's interested in getting away. They'd have the entire place to themselves... no parents, only them. Could be fun, no?

Sophia loves the idea, but she's worried that HER parents won't be as cool with it as Tyler's parents are. After all, Sophia still lives at home, unlike Tyler who has the freedom of living in the dorms with the other students. Suddenly, however, their conversation is interrupted by their teacher Sarah Taylor, who couldn't help but overhear as she was cleaning the blackboard.

Sarah can understand why Sophia's parents would be worried about her spending the weekend at Tyler's cabin. Sophia and Tyler have only just met, so how can they be sure that he can be trusted? But luckily, Sarah has a brilliant idea: why doesn't she chaperone for them? That way, she can keep an eye on Tyler to make sure he doesn't get out of line. And who knows? Maybe Sarah will be able to teach her two students a thing or two... including guiding them through their first threesome!